Electric Car - Unlimited Range

Pretty much everyday something new is announced in the electric car industry, but what Renault has just unveiled is truly revolutionary. Introducing the 2112 Fluence Z.E. Primetime, launched in Copenhagen, Denmark and carrying the distinction of the world's first "unlimited range" electric vehicle.

What Exactly Is This Technology?
For many years, electric car manufacturers have struggled with the problem of extremely heavy battery packs and the long charging duration. This in itself has kept many away from purchasing an electric car for their personal use. While it is true that the industry at large as managed to get these car batteries down to a more appreciable size, there is still the inconvenience of having to charge them over and over. People who live in apartment complexes often have no means for connecting their batteries to a power outlet. The Renault Fluence Z.E. Primetime has solved this problem by incorporating the latest and most advance lithium ion battery manufactured, and drivers will now be able to use the services of a limited (but expanding) number of stations throughout Denmark to exchange the batteries when they are depleted, a process that takes less than five minutes.

Fluence Z.E. Primetime Fact Sheet
The car itself is a mid-size vehicle that includes such features as climate control, navigation assistant, CD audio, electric windows and mirrors, alloy wheels, and the aforementioned switchable battery, which can deliver enough current for a total of 185 km (115 miles) driving before the battery must be replaced. The battery itself has been designed to fit easily into the vehicle and be removed with a tooling system that inserts a new battery immediately at the switching stations being set up across Denmark. The car will go on sale to the public in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Different Packages Available
Better Place, a company that pairs with Renault in the development of electric vehicles, announced a total of five different buying packages for the Fluence Z.E Primetime model. Depending on the number of kilometers driven annually, buyers can choose to purchase different amounts of electric fuel credits that insure not only speedy replacement of exhausted batteries, but also a private charging station at their place of residence.

A Vision Of Our Future Vehicles
Renault and Better Place have been designing an overall plan to make these "unlimited range" vehicles commonplace not only in Denmark but around the globe. Rather than trying to shove electric vehicle technology down the throats of the public, they have managed to give a realistic vision of what could be the dominant form of car technology in the very near future. In this era of environmentally-friendly technology, and the attention given to possible climate change and the need to phase out dependency on fossil fuels, the Fluence Z.E. Primetime is certainly a big step forward in the search for a clean energy vehicle that allows drivers the same freedom of traveling options as the cars and trucks currently operating on the streets of the world.

Will the Fluence Z.E. Primetime make it big? The answer is just around the corner, as Better Place has engineered a bold plan to make these switchable battery vehicles and their network of charging stations within reach of every resident of Denmark.

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