How Many Miles Per Gallon?

How many miles per gallon can you gain extra for free? If you want to cut down on your running costs, here are three easy steps that you can take almost immediately at no cost to you that will help you to stretch out the miles between fill ups at the petrol/gas station.

Motorists these days are having a really hard time with the ever increasing cost of petrol/gas and diesel hitting their pockets hard, so every little bit we can do to help ease the situation is welcome.

Improving the fuel efficiency of our vehicles is now becoming a way of life for many people and the combustion powered vehicle is ripe for some consideration to help with increased miles per gallon.

Easy Step #1 - Trim Down the Load.

If you are carrying around unnecessary weight in your car or truck this places more strain on the engine that requires more energy to move it along. By taking out any objects or equipment that you don't use or need, will reduce the kerb weight so you lighten the load requiring less throttle to move the vehicle along and saving you fuel.

Easy Step #2 - Switch Off Air Conditioning.

The air conditioning is the biggest culprit of robbing miles per gallon in your vehicle.It can increase your fuel consumption by as much as ten per cent. If you can do without it leave it switched off.

Other in car electrical systems also use energy to power them which has to be compensated for from the battery. Your car or truck has to replace this lost power by generating the alternator which is driven by the engine.

Heated wind screens and radios can also add to the problem so if you don't really need these consider switching them off.

Easy Step #3 - Remove Excess Baggage.

Roof bars, roof racks and bull bars all affect the aerodynamics of your vehicle. If you can do without them it's a good idea to remove them altogether as a streamlined car is much more economical and efficient.

These three things combined could have quite an effect on your running costs and you could save yourself quite a lot of money over the course of a year just by being mindful of what can place drag on your car and rectifying it.

By implementing these tips now can help you to achieve more miles per gallon.

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