Environmental Benefits Of Biodiesel

Each day more and more people become concerned about the damage that is being done by petroleum based fuels to our environment. Biodiesel is an alternative fuel made from vegetable oils that can replace some of those petroleum products and ease the world's dependence on oil while at the same time helping the environment. Biodiesel results in fewer emissions than its petroleum based counterpart, is biodegradable, comes from a renewable source, and biodiesel production results in less waste. Biodiesel can be a great way to help the environment without costing you any additional money.

Burning biodiesel results in a significant reduction in the amount of pollution produced when compared to diesel fuels made from oil. Biodiesel burns cleaner therefore produces less solids that are released into the air which form smog. Biodiesel also produces less carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases which have been shown to cause global warming.

Biodiesel is biodegradable. If it is accidentally released into the environment by a spill or or other incident it poses no problems. It will simply be broken down like any other organic matter. It won't pollute streams and rivers, ground water, or the soil. It won't stay around contaminating everything it touches for years to come as petroleum based fuels will.

Biodiesel is produced using a renewable source. No one knows how much oil is left under the surface of the planet. The only thing that experts can agree on is that the oil is going to run out sooner or later. And when it is gone, it is gone forever. Biodiesel can be produced from just about any vegetable oil. The crops gown to produce this oil, such as soybeans and rapeseed, thrive all over the world and can be replanted season after season. They will never run out. Biodiesel is a renewable energy source that will last far into the future.

The production of biodiesel results in less waste than petroleum based fuels. Those parts of a barrel of oil that cannot be used as fuels or lubricants must be disposed of somewhere and present not only a waste of energy in the process itself but a danger to the environment in the process of their disposal. The majority of biodiesel is made from soybeans. The oil is taken out to make biodiesel leaving behind the protein which can be used as a food source for people and animals resulting in no waste. After the transformation of the soybean oil to biodiesel, the only byproduct is glycerin. Glycerin is an important component in the soap and cosmetics industries and is sold to be used in those products. Nothing is wasted when making biodiesel.

Using biodiesel is one of the best choices that you can make if you would like to help the environment. Biodiesel burns cleaner resulting in fewer emissions, is biodegradable and safe for the environment, comes from a perpetually renewable source, and is made by a process that results in almost zero waste. Biodiesel is the most viable of the currently available alternative fuels. Help yourself and the environment by switching to biodiesel.

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