The Most Fuel Efficient Cars Today

The fluctuating price of oil in the world market has led to a frenetic search for the most fuel efficient cars, as more people feel the need to squeeze out more miles out of every gallon of fuel they pay for. Luckily, car manufacturers from all over the world have responded to the call of the times by coming up with new models that can meet the standards that customers are looking for in their vehicles. And because almost every company in the world wants to capitalize on the booming demand for fuel efficient cars, the market has been flooded with more than enough supply of these vehicles that their prices have also gone down reasonably.

Fuel prices are expected to reach new highs in the coming years, while economic prospects remain uncertain. These twin scenarios make it even more difficult for people to maintain their vehicles. Despite this bleak outlook, there is no escaping the fact that owning a vehicle has now become a necessity for some people. While others can rely solely on the public transit system for their commuting needs, others do not have this luxury. It is this second group of commuters who will benefit from what is slowly becoming a competitive sector of cars.

When fuel efficiency first became an important consideration in buying a car, consumers did not have too many choices. Today, however, almost all new car models that come out of the assembly line claim to be fuel efficient. It now come in different shapes and sizes. Whether you are into sedans, SUVs, and even minivans, there is sure to be a model that can meet the fuel efficiency you are looking for. Consumers are also given a choice whether they want gasoline or diesel engines. Some companies even have hybrid cars that take fuel efficiency to another level by combining the positive attributes of an electric engine with that of a diesel or gasoline engine.

The U.S. EPA or Environmental Protection Agency has set the standards that most, if not all, companies try to adhere to in developing cars that can run the most miles per gallon of gas consumed. Several consumer groups and organizations have also come out with their own lists of the most fuel efficient cars, making it easier for people to choose the car that would suit their needs. While the roster of cars in these lists may vary, there are some models that are consistently ranked among the best in fuel efficiency. Among these are Toyota's Prius, the Honda Civic hybrid, the Mercedes Benz E350 Bluetec diesel, and the Lexus CT 200h, to name a few.

Stopping the price of crude oil from increasing may be beyond our control. However, it does not mean that we also have to say goodbye to the comfort and convenience that our own cars can give us. As the list of the most fuel efficient cars continues to grow, there is no doubt that you would find the vehicle that fits your financial background.

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