Top 5 Selling Green Cars

First up is the Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 CDTi 95, this popular model has been re-worked to produce an outstandingly low carbon emission of 94g/km and averages an impressive 80.7 mpg. This is an extremely cost affective car that carries on the high standards that many have come to expect of a Corsa.

Next up is the SEAT Ibiza. The SEAT Ibiza Ecomotive is one of the longest-running green car ranges and continues to grow with hugely competitive sales. Emitting a minuscule 92g/km CO2, the Ibiza scores double points due to its high grade performance and attractive design. This is truly a car that displays just how great these eco friendly cars can be.

The Ford Fiesta, the UK's best selling Supermini now turns green. The Ford Fiesta Econetic is the greenest Fiesta yet, with a CO2 emission of 98g/km and 76.3 mpg. Great performance, reliable design, the Fiesta remains an extremely popular choice for many new drivers and those who regulary drive or commute to busy cities.

A true British Icon, the Mini was created in the 1950's to help save families money on fuel, 60 years on they are still carrying the torch as one of the greenest car manufacturers around. The new MINI Cooper D emits less than 100g/km and averages a spectacular 74.3 mpg. It is down to this that MINI is such an incredibly popular car. Iconic looks, sharp handling and over all unbeatable performance make the Mini an absolute pleasure to drive and own.

Finally we have the UK's favourite and best selling eco car, with a staggeringly low CO2 emission of 89g/km averaging 72.4 mpg the Toyota Prius is the most eco friendly car on this list and on the market. Combining high quality performance with all the latest technology and comfort the Prius is a shining example that no compromises need be made in order to benefit from owning a green car. Toyota have many great eco friendly cars and are sure to continue to push the way in this new but ever growing market.

With such benefits as road tax and London Congestion Charge exemption, as well as many other financial savings, there has never been a better time to turn green. Green cars are only going to get better with time, and hopefully in the not too far future we will all be driving green.

Steve Colins has been an avid car writer and enthusiast. He enjoys writing about car news, motor sports and new car reviews.

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