What You Stand To Benefit From LPG Conversion

If you have a car that runs on petroleum, then you should be worried about the impact that this has on the environment. The carbon emissions that cars produce are no longer insignificant, and the environmental deterioration that takes place continuously is a threat to your very health. However, LPG conversions are an affordable and beneficial alternative for vehicle owners that will prove not only beneficial for the environment, but for your pocket as well.

Environment Friendly

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a fossil fuel that is much safer in comparison to traditional petroleum as an energy source for your vehicle. Vehicle owners who get their cars converted to use LPG will have their cars emitting 20% less carbon dioxide than before if they previously used petroleum, and almost 2% less than cars that run on diesel. Vehicles that run on LPG also produce less engine noise, so you and others don't have to suffer the annoyance of a loud engine.


Getting your car converted means that your vehicle will now be able to be powered by LPG as well as petrol. This will mean that even in case you have no access to LPG gas at any particular time, you can revert to petroleum temporarily. Currently, there may not be enough LPG stations available, but this will soon be history. LPG is fast becoming the fuel of choice for many drivers, and may very well replace petrol as the most popular fuel.

Save on cost

LPG is 40% cheaper than petrol and 20% cheaper than diesel. Of course, the LPG conversion comes at a cost. However, this will soon be recouped with the amount of funds you will save on fuel costs in less than a few years. In addition, you also get tax cuts such as the London Congestion Charges and even some car parking discounts.


In the UK, there is an estimated 6 million tones of LPG produced annually. However, because the local demand is low, about 3 million tones end up being exported to other countries. Increased LPG conversions will ensure that this important resource is put to good use locally. As a result, there will be a definite positive effect on the economy too as less money will be dedicated to the importation of petroleum.


Getting a LPG conversion should be taken as an investment. Not only will the long-term benefits be realized at a personal level, but the environmental benefits should be considered as part of your communal obligation.

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