How To Run Your Car On Water

Did you know you could save thousands of dollars each year if you learn how to run a car on water? You may not have realised it, but you can actually increase your car's performance and reduce carbon emissions by using green technology that already exists. Your vehicle will be more fuel efficient when its regular fuel supply is boosted by water power - in fact, you can gain around a 50% increase in efficiency, besides qualifying for tax credits that help you pay for this upgrade.
To run a car on water you will need to learn about the conversion process, which uses some of your car battery's electrical power to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen molecules, forming a gas known as HHO. With 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen, HHO, Hydroxy or Brown's Gas can actually boost performance and mileage statistics because it is three times more potent than regular gasoline. HHO gas helps keep your engine cleaner, too.
Vehicles installed with HHO kits have been on the roads for years, however the technology has seen many improvements since it was first used. You can now learn how to run a car on water with a fuel cell that is affordable and easy to build by yourself. In fact, simple step-by-step instructions are already available!
Essentially, the HHO fuel cell receives electricity from the car battery to produce HHO gas, which is then fed into the engine's intake manifold or carburetor. While this is a basic summary of how to run a car on water, in-depth instructions can show you exactly how this technology works when implemented.
You may find it hard to believe that you can build this device for around $200, and with the price of gas nowadays, that is a cheap investment. With a list of the exact components you need, along with information as to where to source them, you can use step-by-step instructions to complete the project within 1-2 days. The great thing is that once you have assembled your first HHO kit you can duplicate it for as many vehicles as you want, so the whole family can start slicing fuel expenses in half.
Since this upgrade will work on any car or truck, it's possible to learn how to run a car on water and apply it to your family vehicles, your work trucks or your friend's cars too. People all over the world are seeing improvements in their gas mileage and emissions after taking advantage of this technology. Not only can you cut fuel consumption, you can also help contribute to a cleaner environment.
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