Why You Will Be Driving An Electric Car in Five Years Or Less And Saving Money

It's a fact: electric cars are coming. Well, not really. Electric cars are already here. Hundreds of people are driving all electric cars, and many more want to. And, they have plenty of good reasons to choose all electric power.
So, what's the big deal about electric cars, anyway?
First, have you checked the prices at the gas pumps lately? If you haven't noticed, gas prices are climbing, practically every day. And, there are reasons that indicate that the price will not go down any time soon.
As you know there is turmoil in the Middle East. Oil production is down slightly. And, speculators are rapidly bidding up the price of future oil deliveries. So, you are and will be paying more at the pump. With oil producing nations gaining political and military strength the Middle East tensions will continue to grow.
Not only that, but other countries are starting to use oil in a big way. China and India are two highly populated countries with a growing middle class. More prosperous people in the middle class means a long term surge in demand for gas which will force the price inevitably higher. The worldwide competition for oil is increasing rapidly and will drive the price ever higher.
Second, automobile manufacturers, while slow to respond, are finally responding. They are taking their first steps in offering hybrid cars with both electric and gasoline power. And, a few companies are offering all electric cars.
While most of the all electric cars are currently expensive, the price will come done as the demand increases. And, as anyone who has seen the move "Who Killed the Electric Car" knows, the demand for all electric vehicles has been strong for a number of years and will only get stronger as gas prices keep climbing.
This means that the big automakers are projecting a profitable future for electric cars. Not only that, but several companies are looking to provide recharging stations in major metropolitan areas. It won't be long before nationwide systems will be in operation.
Third, there is a growing market for converting gasoline powered cars to electricity. A number of conversion providers are now performing conversions for customers and more are jumping on the bandwagon.
In addition, there are a number of conversion kits available for individuals to do their own conversions. Several helpful guides for the do-it-yourself crowd have been developed and many people are starting to go all electric.
Now is the time to begin thinking about getting an electric car. You have nothing to lose and lots of money to save.
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