LPG Conversion - Environmental Facts

Human Survival
The environment is one of the most vital resources available to ensure human survival. However, the environment is now being threatened by the activities that human beings are involved in, including driving vehicles. This does not mean that you give up this important transport facility. However, with LPG conversions, your vehicle does not have to be a constant threat to the environment.

Air Pollutants
According to the Energy Savings Trust, road transport is responsible for nearly 50% of smog forming pollutants. LPG is a fossil fuel which is proven to produce a significantly lower amount of carbon and other air pollutants. As such, it the cleanest of vehicle fuels. Once you get the LPG conversion, your car will be one of the most environment-friendly vehicles on the road.

When carbon is released into the air, it combines with oxygen to form carbon monoxide, which is highly reactive with oxygen, leading to carbon dioxide formation. Oxygen is the most vital gas for the human body to function normally. It constitutes a mere 5% of the natural air, and if carbon emissions reduce this amount, then our bodies are denied this incredibly important requirement. With LPG conversions, vehicles do not pose the kind of threat that they do when running on petrol and diesel.

Carbon Dioxide
Carbon dioxide is also another danger on its own. You have probably heard of the ozone layer, which is meant to prevent the dangerous rays of the sun from reaching earth. However, the increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) corrodes the ozone layer, leaving the earth and its inhabitants exposed to these dangerous rays. You can play a part in ensuring that carbon dioxide levels do no exceed the amount that can be handled to ensure environmental safety by getting your car converted to LPG.

Less Pollution
LPG produces 33% less CO2 emissions than petrol and 45% less than diesel. In addition, there is 63% less carbon monoxide produced by LPG-run vehicles. If every car on the planet ran on LPG, then this would be quite significant. All this of course, is not possible if you have not made your decision to get your car converted. After all, change always begins with one, but in this case, you're already in good company.

These are just some of the numerous environmental benefits that your LPG conversion will mean. There are many more benefits to switching to LPG fuel, and these can be found with further research.

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