Why You Should Convert Your Car to LPG

There are two things that are costing motorists a lot of money; the spiraling fuel prices and the increased reliance on motor vehicles for daily activities. As a result, motorists are looking everywhere to find a solution that will allow them not to have to spend so much on fuel. To do this, you can either take your car for LPG conversion, or if you do not have a car yet, you could plan to buy an LPG car. Alternatively, if you are not in a position to purchase an LPG car, you can look for one that has been converted by its previous owner.

Used cars

Because of the growing popularity of LPG, there are now many cars in the used car industry that are available for sale. However, since the previous owner carried out the LPG conversion, there are some things that you should check to avoid complications that may arise in the future, once the vehicle is in your possession.


The best case scenario when buying a car that got LPG conversion from its previous owner is that the seller will be able to produce the invoice as well as an installation certificate that will indicate where the conversion was done. This way, you will have all the information that you need upfront. In addition, you will also have no trouble with your insurance company getting cover for the vehicle, since these details are required.

LPGA certification

Even as you receive the documents pertaining to the conversion, ensure that the conversion was done by a garage certified by the LPGA (Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association). The certification will also be required if you wish to register for a discount on the London congestion charge. Certified LPG conversion is the only assurance that your car is safe for the environment.


Alternatively, if the LPGA certificate is unavailable or the car was converted before 2002, then you may need to get it inspected to ensure that it is in a good standard of repair. An LPGA installer would be right for the job, and will give you a safety check report which you can then use to get insurance.


Used LPG converted cars cost equally as much as non LPG cars, so you are bound to save a lot going for this option. This will quickly be followed by the savings that you will make on fuel, assuming that you are close to a LPG station.

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