2011 GMC Yukon Hybrid Car

Yukon was introduced by GMC in the year 1992. Since then, every single Yukon model has been appreciated not just by the buyers, but by automobile experts as well. The 2011 GMC Yukon lives up to the expectations and is considered to be a Sports Utility Vehicle that has the ability to deliver excellent performance and great quality.
The 2011 GMC Yukon hybrid car is available in a four drive as well as a two drive. The later version is equipped with a 5.3 liter V8 engine. The higher version in the two wheel version is available with 6.2 liter engine. On the other hand, the four wheel drive version is also available in 5.3 liter engine as well as the 6.2 liter V8 engine.
The 2011 GMC Yukon SUV is priced on a higher side as compared to its earlier versions. However, the amazing features of this vehicle are good enough to justify the slight rise in the price. The official price of this vehicle is around $53,240.
Like most of the earlier Yukon models, the 2011 GMC Yukon too is expected to maintain the wonderful fuel efficient standards set by GMC. The two wheel drive version has the ability to touch 14 mpg on city roads while you would witness a whooping 20 mpg while driving the vehicle on a highway. On the other hand, the four wheel drive would offer 19 mpg on highway and 12 mpg while driving on city roads.
The 2011 GMC Yukon hybrid car is also highly rated for its safety value. GMC vehicles have always offers the best safety standards to its buyers and this brand new model is no different. It includes the popular OnStar feature along with side airbags that are placed in the front seat. The model is equipped with antilock brakes. It has also got airbags placed at the ceiling to protect the head from any kind of impact.
The 2011 GMC Yukon comes with a three year warranty period. The vehicle would be under warranty for a period of three years or a running of 36,000 miles. It also offers a five years warranty which includes roadside assistance. Apart from all the above features, the 2011 GMC is also appreciated for its interior as well as the exterior looks.
The 2011 GMC Yukon is all ready to register its name in the all time great Sports Utility Vehicle list.
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