Why Use Water To Gasoline (HHO) Diy Conversion Kits?

Why use water to gasoline (HHO) DIY conversion kits? Good question. We've all been there: frustratingly queuing up at the gas station for the umpteenth time on a road trip, just to find out that the price of gas has risen since your last refill due to developments in the latest Middle East crisis.
You reach for your wallet, trying to calculate how much money you will need to spend on gas just to complete the journey. Despairingly, you realize that at some stage you will have to resort to putting it on your credit card, adding further costs. Surely there must be a cheaper way?
Well, have you ever considered running your car on the most abundant resource on the planet: Water?
Converting your car to run on water is so simple, and cost-effective, you will be kicking yourself when you try to contemplate why you haven't been doing this for years.
Water to gasoline conversion employs Electrolysis, a simple technique that has been around for almost a century: a method that the Oil company magnates don't want you to know about, lest you eat into their profits. By using a water to gasoline (HHO) DIY conversion kit, you can;
• Save thousands of dollars on fuel bills
• Increase fuel efficiency by 30% - 50%
• Decrease harmful emissions
• Lower engine temperature
All sound too good to be true, doesn't it? Surely it couldn't be that easy? Well, it is. Even without any previous mechanical experience, you can assemble & install your own water to gasoline conversion kit, with parts acquired locally for as little as $50! A water to gasoline DIY conversion guide is all you need to use less than a liter of water a week to save on up to 30 gallons of gasoline a month!
Using a HHO conversion kit, applying electricity from your car battery separates water into its basic molecules: hydrogen and oxygen. This forms a gas (HHO), which combines with the air from your air filter and the gasoline; this combination is vastly superior to gasoline alone.
Another reason why you should use a water to gas (HHO) DIY conversion kit is that the resulting HHO gas is far more effective than just plain hydrogen; you are also producing extra amounts of oxygen. This causes the gasoline to burn faster and cleaner; as a result your vehicle will experience an increased MPG (Miles Per Gallon) ratio, as well as a cleaner exhaust
And, of course, this is all good for the environment. Aside from having a clearer environmental conscience, using a water to gasoline (HHO) conversion kit has the added benefit of gaining you alternative energy reductions from the IRS - yet another long-term saving.
As you can see, the benefits of installing a water to gasoline (HHO) DIY conversion kit are manifold. Save money. Save on gas. Save the environment. It's all so easy.
For the best Water to Gasoline DIY conversion kit guides available CLICK HERE, and you can be doing your bit for the environment whilst saving a fortune in no time!